In view of the current Coronavirus emergency, Modiano has adopted additional safety measures for both our staff and clients. You can contact us as usual, but should you have difficulty contacting us via telephone then during this period we would kindly ask you to contact us via email: for Adminstration and Accounting for Sales and Marketing Sales Office Packaging dept for Human Resources for IT department

Thank you!

Playing cards for every occasion

Since 1868 Modiano has been producing quality playing cards offering children, adults and experienced players a sharing and meeting opportunity. From professional tournaments to family evenings, Modiano playing cards are a historic playing tradition in Italy.

Playing cards for Casinos

Carte casino

Manufacturing playing cards for casinos means meeting the strictest standards for perfection. In 2015 Modiano has been chosen as partner and supplier of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), one of the greatest events in the game world.

For over 150 years The value of the game

Modiano Foto Storia

Established in Trieste in 1868, Modiano is still an excellence in Made in Italy. Its playing cards are the synthesis of a centuries-old tradition and a young spirit aimed at continuous improvement.

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