Modiano’s roots run deep within the traditions of the cartography business in Trieste. Founded by S. D. Modiano, a gentleman of greek origin, production began with the manufacturing of cigarette paper, for famous brands like “CLUB”.
In the 1884, activities expanded by setting up a lithographic printing activity, which became a reference point for quality prints and playing cards. Products that stood out from the beginning thanks to their style and quality and the alliance of art, technology and business skills.
The firm became a vehicle for italian advertising poster art, making use of the contribution of artists such as Orell, Cambon and Sigon, until 1987, the year in which Modiano was bought by Grafad, a paper and cardboard industry. Since then, the firm’s image has be strengthened and relaunched, by developing the advertising sector and work order production for third parties, and reinforcing the paper and cardboard production activities, while keeping up with the traditional production of playing cards. Today, Modiano is therefore the sum of long standing tradition coupled with a fierce spirit of innovation.

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