Casino Decks

Chosen by professionals


The production of casino playing cards entails compliance with the strictest production standards in terms of quality and opaqueness.

We offer our clients 150 years of experience in the production of cards and a reputation of competence and reliability, to guarantee the best professional performance to players worldwide.

This is why, in 2015, we were selected as partner and official supplier for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the world’s most prestigious poker event.

In addition to collaborating with suppliers who respect and guarantee the specifications of the materials developed, we apply state-of-the-art technologies in-house to minimize defects: highly automated quality controls guarantee uniformity and corrects of faultless colour. We have designed a laminate formula that gives our playing cards the right shininess, perfect slipperiness and excellent resistance to the damp. Subsequent calendering and linen finishing then lend them different tactile effects.

Final strict quality controls check that the product will excel on any card table and therefore that our cards do not split, crease, wear out or deform, and withstand frequent shuffling over time.

“Intelligent” cameras monitor the final stages of printing to guarantee a product that meets the highest requisites of opaqueness.

Furthermore, each deck has its own ID code for traceability.

To meet all requirements and client requests, our company uses cardboard, PVC and cellulose acetate.


Between playing cards, the most traditional ones are made with two layers of cardboard, laminated and reinforced with an anti-transparency black core for maximum opaqueness. They can either be linen finished or calendered.



The most popular for casinos and professional players. They are highly resistant even under the most demanding playing conditions. As well as being lightweight and extremely flexible, PVC cards are easy to handle, waterproof and scratching-, wear- and tear- resistant.

Cellulose acetate

This material guarantees top professional performance by combining the resistance of PVC cards with a softness at touch. Despite being thin and lightweight, acetate playing cards resist creasing and tearing. They glide smoothly and shuffle very quickly.



Invisible inks are available on request to reinforce anti-counterfeit safeguards. These are in fact only visible in certain conditions (ultraviolet light), making exact reproduction of the hidden details more complicated.

Our pre-printing division is ready to help our clients at every stage of the graphic design development.