Cardboard packaging


Playing cards, tarot cards and packaging too. Our company has always worked in the world of paper and card stock, passionately combining aesthetics with constant technological research.

The aim of this ongoing commitment is to create unique products, in terms of both quality and style, that for over sixty years have brilliantly met the needs of our clients in the cosmetic, food and manufacturing sectors with our designs and solutions for boxes and blister packs, the development of high-quality boxes and packaging.



Conception of shapes, study of graphics, design of packaging, pre-printing and printing, die-cutting, special processes and gluing.


All these stages are meticulously followed by our creative and pre-printing divisions, which, thanks to constant technological and professional updates, guarantee considerable flexibility and quality for our production cycle.


Before the finished product is printed, our team of graphic designers help clients with their final decisions, providing sample prints and mock-ups to simulate the finished product, until the client is fully satisfied.




We study and produce solutions for blister packs, using cardboard and a huge range of extruded materials. We apply specialised techniques that guarantee excellent colour results.


Water-based eco-friendly, traditional and UV paints can be used on any kind of packaging to enhance its message with graphics.


To this end, we provide screen, embossing, and hot-foil printing, window-patching and all the different processes offered by technology, using flat and laminated cardboard, micro- and corrugated card and also plastics.




Our offset machines use UV technology to rapidly satisfy the most demanding requests on different supports. Whereas for small quantities, we use our innovative digital machine.


Our die-cutting division has three Bobst machines to meet the production capacity of our other divisions.


Our 3 folder-gluer machines with automated box folding are the strong point of our finishing division which also boasts a window-patching machine to manage every single client order efficiently and effectively.


Finally, we have folding and saddle-stitching machines to make instruction booklets in various formats.




Constant attention to our environmental impact and ecological profile in our production processes has rewarded us with FSC certification.