Playing Cards for CasinosQuality for professionals

Producing playing cards for casinos means meeting the strictest production standards of quality and safety. Modiano offers to its customers 150 years of experience in the processing of the product and a reputation of competence, and reliability which led to many awards on the global market. Modiano was chosen in 2015 as partner and official supplier of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the most prestigious poker event in the world.

The first and fundamental step for a high-performance product is the selection of the raw material that is tested and selected in collaboration with suppliers who respect and guarantee the specifications of the materials developed. In the continuous search for perfection Modiano also applies the most advanced technologies by prototyping dedicated inspection divices that achive the lowest rate of defect. Smart cameras check the final printing steps to ensure a product that meets the highest safety requirements. All our decks have a tracking code.

The highly automated quality controls during the printing process ensure uniformity and a flawless color density. The formula of the varnish has been developed in years of expertise and it gives playing cards the right shine, perfect sliding and excellent moisture resistance. Subsequent calendering and embossing treatments may also give different tactile effects.

The strict final quality controls verify that the product can excel on every gaming table and therefore that the cards don’t flake, bend, wear or deform and resist the shuffling for a long time.


To satisfy all customer needs and requests, the company processes cardboard, PVC and cellulose acetate.

Traditional playing cards are made of cardboard and reinforced by an anti-transparency black layer for maximum confidence.

PVC playing cards combine tradition and innovation. Besides being light, plastic is extremely flexible and handy, it is also waterproof , scratch and wear esistant.

Plastic cards are the most appreciated by casinos and professional players as their integrity is not affected even in stressful playing conditions.

Cellulose acetate is an exclusive product used to ensure the best professional performance. This material combines the resistance of PVC playing cards with a good tactile experience. Acetate playing cards are thin and light but at the same time they are crease and tear resistant. A very popular feature is the slipperiness that allows a high shuffling speed.

Our high professional pre-press department assists the customer in all the phases of development of the graphic project.