Cards with the heart

Our passion for well-made games, for cardboard as the raw material and for art as a communication tool has made us what we are today.



Our passion for games does not stop with the creation of exceptional cards.

At Modiano, we do all we can to minimise the environmental impact of each product, striving to gradually replace as many of our components as possible with compostable materials.

We collaborate with our suppliers to develop shared circular economy practices. All our waste is carefully collected and put back into the recycling chain, eliminating any kind of refuse and maximizing the life cycle of our products, contributing, therefore, in this way, to reduce waste to minimum.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification guarantees that the raw materials for our playing cards come from sustainably managed forests, complying with environmental laws and promoting biodiversity.

Nature-friendly technology


Our playing cards are made in Italy in our factory in Trieste, where we comply with the highest environmental and production standards.

The raw materials we use are selected and tested in collaboration with suppliers who respect the specifications of the materials developed and guarantee that our cards have excellent resistance and maximum slipperiness.

This research process goes hand in hand with the constant technological evolution of our machinery, designed specifically to minimize the faults in the cards and optimise consumption.

Our playing cards are printed and varnished with state-of-the-art UV offset machines, while we have special in-house personalised equipment for the finishing and cutting stages.

Differentiating is a winning game


We choose our products’ packaging carefully, but we want to encourage a reduction in their impact on the environment.

With a view to increased respect for nature, we have worked to produce completely recyclable packaging for most of our products.

Check here how to correctly separate the various components of our packaging for disposal.

Remember to always check and follow your local waste collection instructions for effective disposal.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging


Constant attention to our environmental impact and ecological profile in our production processes has rewarded us with FSC certification.